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The Soundtrack to the Twilight Universe

By Fans - For Fans

The Soundtrack to theTwilight Universe
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A community dedicated to the music for and inspired by the Twilight saga, as chosen by fans

W e l c o m e.

Welcome to lyricaltwilight - a community dedicated to the music for and inspired by Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, as chosen by fans.
Heard a piece of music that you think sounds just like Bella's lullaby? Know a song that says exactly what Jacob is thinking at the end of Eclipse? Maybe you really liked the official Twilight soundtrack, and you want to find a new artist to enjoy? Or do you have a fanmix you want to share and get feedback on?
This is a community by and for fans - feel free to post, comment, and try out new music.

G u i d e l i n e s.

1) bashing, trolls and flambait remarks will be deleted and/or banned at the moderator's complete discretion. This does not mean you can't express your opinion, or disagree with others.
Debates are great, but be a grown up.

2) Use the template below for posting music as much as possible - especially in using lj-cuts for long posts - posts that don't follow the templates may be deleted if they become a problem.

3) Please tag your posts as shown below. It makes it a lot easier for people to find your posts later too.

4) Credit your sources - both if you post something here you found somewhere else, and if you take a post from here for another site or journal.

5) Please don't post songs taken from Stephenie Meyer's playlists, or the official movie soundtrack unless there is something new about them that you want to share. Those songs are already known and available on Stephenie's website, or on the soundtrack itself. (you can find the links to these at the side of the journal)
Contact Us
C o n t a c t U s.

Your moderator is elliemoran - feel free to send a message if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations.

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If you would like to become an affiliate, please leave a comment here.

Post Music

This format is what seems to work the best - you can vary it, but make sure to
keep long posts behind lj-cuts.
You can see how to embed video here.

Tag Your Posts

Please tag your entry with the book and the names of the characters that it
applies to. You can also tag an entry with the name of the musician/s involved, if they already
have a tag listed.

You can find lists of available tags in the links and on the sidebar of the journal.

You can also suggest new tags - just send me a message.